Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid. Is that a band? A flavor… Beyoncé and Jay Z’s next child?? No, this isn’t Blue Ivy’s soon to be sibling we are talking about – but Pantone’s newest color of the year. Since 2000, Pantone, the worldwide color authority, has chosen one of their hand made colors to be named the hue for the next 365 glorious days. From Aqua Sky, to Sand Dollar, Honeysuckle, and Cerulean, this list of past colors of the year is pleasing both to the eyes and the vocal chords.

This year, however, the color of the year has taken on a whole new level. While in the past, the colors of the year have skyrocketed to the most demanded interior paint color at Lowes and other home improvement stores (not that cool), this year Radiant Orchid is taking over the world of color (very cool). Sephora has created a new collection of makeup featuring the hot new hue, celebrities are ditching their conventional hair color for the fresh shade, wedding planners around the globe are scrambling to create Color of the Year weddings for their Radiant Orchid obsessed brides, and Jimmy Choo has created a pump that sports the lust worthy color. Even Radiant Orchid colored Macaroons seem to be the new hot dessert craze. The Pinterest page could go on for days. So what do we care about this development? While an all out Radiant Orchid home is NOT recommended, subtle hints of the color can be strikingly beautiful. Add a pop of color in the form of a single Radiant Orchid wall or just a few throw pillows. I wonder what next year’s color will be…













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