Let there be Light!

Skylights are not modern technology. Their great ancestor, the compluvium, allowed light to enter, rain to be collected, and smoke to exit the ancient Roman home, since as early as 500 BC. Nowadays, these strategically placed roof openings serve a bit of a different purpose, but are desirable nonetheless. Nowadays, glass is pretty important to the contemporary homeowner, basically eliminating the ability to collect rain or rid the home of excess smoke. But, thanks to indoor plumbing and central heating, neither of these seems very necessary anymore.

So back to the skylight – this architectural addition adds so many useful advantages to a structure. Natural light is so easily available, especially here in Florida, yet people struggle to get their fill as their working lives head deeper and deeper into the office buildings of the corporate world. Imagine, sitting at your kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper before heading back to the business grind, with your face swimming in a bath of sunlight. Who knew catching rays could be so easy?? But don’t limit yourself just to the idea of a kitchen skylight. Install one above your bed and fall asleep among the stars or even in your bathroom. No more morning showers blinded by the false light – rise with the sun!

The Oxford Exchange is no stranger to skylights as the atrium, the main dining area, is covered by a glass and metal structure that is sure to excite the skylight lover. Skylights have so many other useful advantages – they are eco friendly by diminishing your dependency on electric lights and they put you at one with nature. Check up on the day’s weather from the comfort of your home! With OUT the weather channel or app. And finally, revitalize your home! Colors take on a whole new level in the soft early morning sun and in the brilliant afternoon sunbath. So get up, get inspired, and happy remodeling!

13 hudson street coop








Oxford Exchange 013


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