In S{tile}

The monochrome tiled bathroom is timeless and classic style choice, debatably the simplest and most commonly pulled off bathroom look. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the common honeycomb, checkerboard, or basket weave. Even when using only black and white tiles there are still SO many different choices to add the creative edge to your bathroom.

Take a simple pattern, like the checkerboard, and zoom out. The tiny tiles will create a uniquely pixilated configuration. Zoom in to a classic checkerboard pattern to create a big tile look, like one of the floor here at the Oxford Exchange. A sprawling pattern like this one could cover an entire bathroom in a few large black and white squares. Another fun idea with the checkerboard arrangement is to change the ratio for the colors. Rather than a 1:1 white and black scheme, how about a 10:1, so the bathroom will remain predominately white with intermittent black spots.

Getting even more acentric, you can start to play around with different shape, size, and color for your tiles, like the ones in the fish scale shape. It’s like someone took a mold from a mermaid’s tail and hung it on the wall of your bathroom – how fitting! Or tiles made from granite, which create an incredible marbling effect, making a simple herringbone pattern utterly chic. However you style your next tile project – get inspired. Mix and match, look for those one of a kind tiles, and don’t hold back. The tile is the limit!


Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.25.25 PM






mosaic on tub wall




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