Think Zinc


Zinc isn’t just for the periodic table anymore. The element, 30Zn, is being used for countertops, tables, kitchen hoods, chairs, and other home surfaces in both modern and classic spaces. It has more texture and personality than stainless steel, more versatility than copper, and is inherently industrial and raw, providing a totally unique alternative to common kitchen materials like granite or wood. As if zinc wasn’t interesting enough, it is described as a ‘living metal’ because it reacts with almost everything it encounters. Fingerprints, spilled soda, wet rags, and how ever many other kitchen messes – even though it is completely clean (I promise), tiny chemical reactions take place every time the element meets something new. After years of subtle color changes, the look of the zinc is completely different and entirely one of a kind. The perfect surface for your home – as your family grows up and changes, so does the space that has been there for it all.





337 Standish Street, Duxbury, MA








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