Vertical Vegetation

The “old house in Paris that was covered in vines” USED to be every pseudo gardeners wet dream. However, some pretty funky artists and botanists are taking the idea of Madeline’s classically vine covered walls and adding an exquisite twist. No longer confined to solid ground, these plants are finding new liberation and reaching to new heights! Artist Patrick Blanc, for example, is sending plants 4 stories in the air on a vertical garden. Growing out of dilapidated power station you’ll find 15,000 living, breathing plants in his CaixaForum. This modern innovation has started quite a buzz and has inspired countless similar projects all over the world.

While most of us cannot afford (or figure out) a full-fledged living wall to spice up our design projects, we can take inspiration and create vertical floral masterpieces of our own! That is, with the help of some pretty incredible vegetation. Introducing: the succulent and the air fern. Both equipped with unique water saving functions, they rely on little to no watering or soil. For this reason I say – lets hang them from things! Hanging succulent walls add such a distinguishing color scheme and geometric pattern to a room; like nothing you’ve seen before. Additionally, hanging air ferns in glass globes adds the funkiest of vibes to any and every space (reminiscent of little Martians landing on your windowsill). With options like this, why wouldn’t we take our vegetation vertical? Who is with me?!

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