Le SLS Miami

The SLS Miami is an appropriate hotel to cover on this blog since we are a mere four hours northwest here in Tampa. The interiors of this hotel were constructed by design guru Philippe Starck who not only creates classy/funky[1] interiors but is a product designer with innovative and futuristic concepts. So it’s no surprise that while the hotel has an edgy side, it is well balanced by the Frenchman’s fine sense of taste.

There is an enormous pool side rubber ducky that I think exemplifies the whimsy and quirky nature embodied in Starck’s design sensibility. While it’s an odd component, it also references the idea that your basically hopping into an enormous tub in Miami and the ducky itself has a dual nature of firstly, equating the rubber ducky to fun in the water[2] and secondly, opposing the idea that the giant tub refers to being clean, when really everyone and their sunscreened bodies have just lounged in the water making it real drrty[3]. I could be overanalyzing, it could just be a fun accessory.

The bedrooms are ingenious: Starck has created these walls of tracery imitating classical architectural motifs and even drawing in headboards to the bed. This not only cuts down on the cost of building and materials but it is unique and looks cool. People don’t feel like they’ve been jipped or have lost the experience of staying in a nice hotel because the concept is delectable and clever. And hey, if they do feel like they’re missing out on true architectural components then they can meander over to the chairs and enjoy the design in them.

I could say more, but really the interiors speak for themselves.[4] Plus I think I’ve overanalyzed this situation far too much.

my oh my

[1] A very challenging combo to achieve

[2] Like when you were a child

[3] Not to mention kid piss, if children are even allowed.

[4] Especially when you remember your elements of art (line, color, texture, shape, etc) and principles of design (harmony, hierarchy, etc)


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