Stair Master

The staircase, while being good for heart health[1], can be one of the most dramatic statements in any building bar none. Whether it’s hidden in a cubby space to the side or greeting you at the entrance, staircases can act as magical steps to a world beyond the floor you currently inhabit. What makes staircases so visually stunning? For one thing, they are all about geometry: each individual rectangular step is one piece of a giant puzzle of steps and if you have a spiral or curved stairway, this puzzle is only enhanced because of the twisting component. Also there’s that linear moment at the top of a spiral staircase and look down and see all the levels below unfolding.

I guess another reason staircases are so enchanting is because is film, many magical moments happen. Shall we do a quick index of great staircase moments? The first movie staircase that ever enchanted you was probably Beauty and the Beast where Belle and said Beast descend the golden staircase to become one twirling dance duo on a golden floor.[2] What else from childhood, you say? Perhaps the Von Trapps meeting staircase which the Von Trapp children march down to the beat of the Captain’s whistle. Militaristic? Absolutely. Magical? I think yes. And then there was that moment when teen movies dominated your universe and Laney Boggs stumbles down the stairs into Freddie Prinze Jr.’s arms after a flawless entrance in She’s All That.[3] As you got older, you were more into horror films and you made the unwise[4] decision to watch American Psycho in which our best bud Patrick Batemen drops the chainsaw down the stairs: fun! But then you went through your foreign film phase and the stairs Amelie runs up and down in Montmartre and also in her building just make you smile. Always in action films you have a pair of assassins shooting at each other running up and down stairs. There are many more but the finale has to be the one and only brought to life moving staircases of Hogwarts Castle. I mean, how could you not?

Here are some of my favorite staircases!

lurv it
swirly v geo
oh yeah that railing
ignor ethe dlowers
yeah baby

[1] Sort of kidding. Mostly kidding. For those who don’t exercise (like me), it’s the daily cardio.

[2] Don’t forget Belle’s golden dress.

[3] Also poked fun of in Not Another Teen Movie.

[4] Post seeing the film.


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