Out of Doors

Since we’re right smack dab in the middle of summer, I figured we would celebrate a little with outdoor spaces. To be honest, sitting outside in 81 degree weather[1], cocktail in hand, light breeze blowing is probably one of the better things to befall human beings. Outdoor sofas, chairs and lounges can be your best friends on summer’s eve. But it’s not just about furniture when you’re outside. Decks/porches/terraces/rooftops can be some of the most amazing spaces, partially I think, because there is an aspect of sectioning off space. Enclosing yourself in a garden or on a veranda separates the exterior world you currently inhabit from the interior world that you constantly inhabit, which is essentially what makes summer so amazing- the ability to be outside where you usually are not.[2] Adding flowers and potted plants adds to the sweet freshness offered by summer’s short arc. I can’t write anymore, I just want to escape!

Even this grotto which is hidden by the sun has that cold rock that will cool you down on a hot day.
nice deck
roof top
swing n view

[1] NO humidity.

[2] For some of us, this is untrue. For example, in Florida the last place I want to be on a hot July day is outside. But in Seattle I cherish the moments of outdoor ability. But some people in Seattle are outside all the time hiking. Though there is a difference in summer Seattle relaxation and winter Seattle rain hiking.


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