Knock Knock: A 2 Part Series on Doors

Welcome to our two part series on doors! Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? First we will talk about exterior doors, then interior doors because who doesn’t love those hinged hangings?

One doesn’t necessarily need to have slash decorate your front door, but it’s always fun to have something bright or interesting greeting you as you walk up to an entrance. Painting your front door a bright color is an easy way to add a little pizazz to your portal. But doors around the world are always of interest to me. It feels like in the US, our idea of a door is so limited compare to places like France and Morocco. Of course these two locations both have some of the most amazing doors I’ve ever seen both personally and photographically. But finding a way to implement some cool knockers[1], a funky color or a cool design is a nice way to enhance your entrance.





green dus are ther berst




out door


super coo





[1] Ha ha. As in “what a set of knockers” from Young Frankenstein? Get it?


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