Selman Marrakech

We are revisiting our old friend, Jacques Garcia, designer of the NoMad Hotel which we covered a while back. This time we’re leaving NYC to see his beautiful project in Marrakech, the hotel, Selman Marrakech which made it to Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot List of 2013. And boy, is it hawt. This hotel is so amazingly beautiful and seems so serene as well as being uniquely Moroccan.[1] The brightly hued interiors are met with so much elegance in shape and design while staying true to native form and function.

The interesting thing about this hotel as well as Morocco, is that plenty of the designs and shapes and luxuries have a distinct “French-ness” to them, which seems not unusual considering the designer. But the doorways, the textures and the colors chosen by Garcia are also so representative of the environment of Morocco, creating an amazing juxtaposition. The addition of the stables of horses is wonderful, and I love that on their website they describe the animals as “works of art.”

The design of the entire hotel is stunning.

1Salon-Riad---Living-room-Riad 2Chambre-à-coucher-Riad-(Riad-Bedroom)
Selman Marrakech 02

[1] I hesitate to say ‘oriental’ because there is so much stigma attached to the world at using it seems so Western that I can barely stand myself separating groups of “the other.”


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