Striping it Rich

Stripes. How can one even attempt to describe the historical, artistic and necessity of such a pattern? It’s no wonder we find ourselves plastering them across our walls or wearing them across our chests: we are essentially representing the origins of design. It seems so simple, put two lines next to each other that are different shades and pow, you have a print that has withstood the test of time.[1] And this everlasting design will never go out of style, even in your home.



Sorry, my art historical self just had to add in the Duomo di Siena c. 13th century. 

Obviously, many homes have different types of stripes. Usually black and white is the most popular, acting as the sort of “classic” stripe and usually it makes little appearances in pillows or quite often on rugs. But what I really love is a bold black and white wallpaper. Who doesn’t right? On some level, this look seems a bit glam and girly, but really it just depends on how the rest of the room is styled. Male-oriented rooms should probably use navy or a darker stripe with some brown leatha and call it good.

Stripes can be used in upholstery too, which I just love. It always surprised me and makes me happy when I see 1) different widths of stripes and 2) see them either vertical or horizontal. It just thrills me. [2]

a lot
he we go
many patterns
too much
yeah babay

[1] Sorry to get to wishy washy about stripes, but  how can I not be? So simple and yet so grand.

[2] Do you want to punch me in the face yet?


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