WOOD You Rather…

I may be a bit biased, but I’m all about a hardwood floor, baby. Perhaps it’s the organic markings that blemish the beautiful wood[1] or the sound of my shoes click-clacking in the AM or maybe it’s just how chic and textural they look compared to soft furnishings like sofas. Whatever it is, I like it. And it’s not just wood floors either: Ceilings made of long strips of reclaimed barn planks or walls completely made of wood slats are exactly what I have always wanted. But why?

I feel that people are either all for or all against hardwood floors. Some folks just like the soft feeling of fluffy carpet beneath their toesies, which I completely understand.[2] But wood floors, like I said, add visual texture to rooms, each board different than the other creating a series of playful patterns. It’s possible that my adoration for hardwood floors comes from a cabin-y appreciation and also growing up in the Pacific Northwest where literally, your backyard is probably a forest.[3] And not like small trees, I’m talking 100-year-old evergreens that sway in the wind.

What I really love about wood flooring is that you can create amazing pattern with different shapes of wood. Herringbone floors are super hot right now, but you’ll see below some almost tiled wood floors, as well as some with these amazing inlaid patterns of different stains. But a classic wood floor laid out simply is also beautiful on its own.

Personally, I prefer darker floors. I think they look better under light, they seem cozier, and I have my own aesthetics so there. I don’t like blond floors but I do like reclaimed white oak. But you don’t really care, so just enjoy the pics.


wood wall

too cool

white on black floor


sur curl







come on

awesome photo

all raw materials

[1] Which also remind me that I killed a tree. Thanks, guilty conscience.

[2] And can fully see as the only possibility for kids’ bedrooms and more.

[3] My backyard as a child was actually a ravine. A forested ravine.


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