tales of tufts

Tufting is pretty popular. We see it all the time on headboards, sofas, chairs, benches, and many more. Why do we love it so much? There is something about the meticulous plump of fabric that has been variously strapped down by a singular button that just makes my heart sing.[1] Perhaps the reason tufting is so great is because less is always less and more is ALWAYS more! Overly tufted pieces have this boundless dramatized feel that reads futuristic and classic at the same time. Another reason we love the tuft is because we can use virtually any time of fabric: leather is popular in the uber Brit chesterfield sofas we know and love, linen or wool are favorites on some of our wingback chairs and poufs can be made out of just about anything.

But what is it really that we love about the magical tuft? I think, personally, the sweet comfort and coziness that tufted furniture emits is what draws tired feet to settle their upper’s body into the pillowy seat. I love the addition of tufting to any room, really, because the furniture itself has added not only pattern, but texture and ease to any room.[2]

so boring but
i lyke

[1] Probably something British and proper.

[2] Including those that are stiflingly snobby.


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