Obviously I’m an art addict. I embarrassingly spout weird art historical facts when no one asks[1] and if you show me any major work of art from before 1900 I can probably guess the artist, title, date and material. I also know the attributes of the saints, mythological and biblical figures. But ladies and gentlemen, contemporary art aint my specialty. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love it. And unfortunately for me, most people[2] would probably prefer not to have a colossal painting of The Miraculous Lactation of St. Bernard hanging over their sofa in the living room. However, I’m all about colossal art at home.

While I also love salon walls and collections of smaller paintings, I think a large scale image makes a huge impact and acts as a statement piece in a room. Paintings that are wall-sized just chilling on the floor? Sign me up. MURALS? Get it, girl. But large scale paintings in general[3] just at that wow/pow factor. Perhaps this adoration of huge paintings goes back to my adolescence: my Nanny[4] had a huge painting above this sofa[5] painted by my Papa[6] and it was large and in charge but so beautiful and so perfect for that entirely custom space.

Regardless of my grandparents home, oversized art adds texture, color, style and edge to your room. And please, for the love of god[7], APPRECIATE the Durer prints of Adam and Eve for the man & woman’s closet. Genius.

so cool




You could always just put Guernica on your wall and appreciate it but also get nightmares. Thanks, Picasso.

wall sculpt

large scale

layered paintings

I love the layers of paintings! Woohoo!


enormous weird

You can see the weird skulls of this (probably) colossal collage. So cool, so textural!




big piece


Hedu. George Michael.


oh yeah

PS. That member of the Planet of the Apes is made of leather panels. Slight swoon/drool if it wasn’t a planet of the ape with sunglasses.

[1] Or cares for that matter.

[2] Including myself

[3] Especially ones with texture.

[4] Which is what I call my grandma..

[5] A custom piece with beautiful silk upholstery built specifically for this, like, large nook in the formal living room.

[6] What I call my grandpa.

[7] Pun will be intended in a few words…


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