Wall Covering Bonanza

Wall coverings are one of those things that people are like meh. Understandable: painting is far less expensive than purchasing wall covering and having someone install it. However, wall coverings are so rad. And there are so many different kind of wall coverings. I mean wallpaper itself is like, unreal: floral, stripes, wood,[1] I mean the sky is the limit. But you can also cover your wall with different coverings.

Using fabric to cover a wall is a more expensive but really cool way to decorate your home. Silk wall coverings[2] are probably some of the most beautiful because they feel like heaven[3] and they have that shimmery, silky glean that reflects light so well. But you could also cover your walls with burlap and it could look cool. Recently I looked at some vinyl wall coverings which were so cray cool. A lot of them were very textural, almost three-dimensional, which is great because it creates that base layer of the room.

But wall coverings are a lot of work and you have to be careful what you choose. It’s just far too expensive to be reapplying a wall covering every five years, so make sure you choose wisely.[4]

ahh lala



faux bamboo


katie ridder oriental

katie ridder


Kips Bay



so cool



[1] See image below. We are using the Scrapwood wallpaper from Neederland on a project right now and its going to look badass.

[2] Gasp and sigh simultaneously.

[3] They feel rich is what they feel like.

[4] Read as in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


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