Milo Baughman

I recently discovered Milo Baughman on 1st Dibs. Milo Baughman is a furniture designer whose furniture I am ever so slightly obsessed with right now. I’ve realized I sort of have a thing for mid-century designs and when I explained this to my mother on the phone she slightly gasped, dually noted that she hates chrome[1] and changed the subject. My father on the other hand has a “thing” for mid-century design. Probably because his grandfather owned a furniture store while he was growing up and so that’s what he was constantly around.

Anyway, Milo Baughman was a California-based designer whose interesting use of materials and crazy rounded shapes and raised sofas is really cool to me. Additionally, he does a lot of very sharp classic club chairs that read well for masculine interiors. I think the mix of chrome and leather or other upholsteries is what initially grabbed my attention, and then the shapes that I sort of discovered after really excited me. Chair that are raised by these chrome stilts, hexagonal étagères, these are the ideas that were new then and still ring new and exciting today. What I really love though is that you can see how his style influenced LA designer Kelly Wearstler. Compare his swivel chairs both to her “souffle chair” and to the chair (which is unfortunately cut off) at the base of the picture of the bedroom. It’s always fun to see where inspiration can come from!


inspired by





persimmon chur


n simple

meh sofa



[1] In response to my saying that I liked it.


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