Animal Printeriors

Animal prints are fun. They are asexual[1] and can be implemented in all different rooms. In my opinion, with animal prints, more is not always more. A splash of pattern here and there is a classy sophisticated way to say “hey, look at me! I’m not scared of prints!”[2] Animal prints are also very home friendly because 1) they are essentially patterns and thus break up solid colors, 2) they are designs occurring in nature so there is a sense of organic shape to them that contrasts with clean lines and sharp geometry.

The zebra thing is like, seemingly, a big deal. While it makes me want to cry to think about a zebra’s skinned body lying on the floor of a living room, I get that it’s sort of iconic and like safari-ish and has pattern and texture and yadda yadda.[3]  But a printed pillow, a wallpaper,[4] or an upholstered something or other adds a dash of spice especially to colorless rooms.[5] So have fun with your wild side and animalize your home!

thats fun!
uber chic
little dets
jenna lyons
its only ok
moving chairs
zebra print bathroom wall tiles
cheetah wall

[1] For the most part

[2] This is where our dear friend Snooki finds problems. Pink cheetah print is not really sophisticated.

[3] I am not a vegetarian and I work with leather all the time. But there’s something about animal skins that just plunges guilt into the deepest pits of my soul.

[4] Be careful.



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