Pillow Talk

Imagine you’re a person who is into greige.[1] Your living room is beautiful but is lacks something.. some sort of pop of color perhaps. But you don’t like color that much which is why your living room is greige to begin with. How do you solve this problem? People I’m telling you the answer is pillows. Pillows can change the entire dynamic of the room because you can choose a pillow with pattern, texture and/or color and still not overwhelm your love of complete greige. Regardless of whether or  not your interiors have color, pillows are absolute necessities in any home with a sofa or a chair. Pillows separate the continuous colors of upholstery. If you have a striped chair add a solid pillow, and vice versa: they add layers to rooms and also imply uber comfort. And you know what else? Pillows are friggin fun. Pillows are the risk you get to take when you didn’t want that chair in full Ikat.


pile o pilow

silk birds


kinda boring


great example



cramped pillows


contract ipllows


[1] Most of us are.


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