Thoughts on Jardins

A majorly important part of your home is the exterior, which we often don’t talk about or design because that responsibility lies in the hands of individuals called Landscape Architects. We forget that these folks know the ins and outs of grass and its counterparts and can design exteriors that are serenely beautiful and wildly chic.[1] Now, once I reveal the subject of this blog, you might be pissed at me.[2] Today let’s chat a little about the OG of landscape architecture, André Le Notre. This Frenchman designed the magnificent[3] gardens of Versailles as well as manicuring other various chateau gardens.

Now, these are very stylized which is great but also very a la 17th century, especially the gardens of Versailles, BUT some of them are a little bit more toned down and thus exemplify the elegance of outdoor foliage. Enjoy!


chantily 2




chateau de maintenon


vaux le vicomte

[1] Your own private jungle.

[2] You may think I’m a total Francophile and you know what? You may be right.

[3] And may I add, Baroque.


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