Design à L’Americana

Happy Flag Day! America is chock full of stories and legends about the history of our great American flag, a relic so magnificent and full of pride that we choose to use the icon in our very homes. Decorating with the US flag can range from vintage chic to honorific display depending on what kind of items you have and like. From the start, you have a great item to work with: not only does the flag bring with it color- a stable in interior design- but it also contains pattern, breaking up the solid planes and surfaces of a room. Adding something like the flag gives that extra pop of brightness and pattern acting as the perfect accent piece.



Gathering all your red, white and blue home accessories is another way to call to mind our flag for Flag Day or the 4th of July. Rearrange your homes little bits and pieces with patriotic pillows, throws and lamp shades to create a vision in USA colors. The Shop makes a great example of using these bright hues to create a holiday display!

4 july

flag day

But the flag isn’t the only way to harken back to the days of our country’s past. Items celebrating “Americana” can be found all over the place and work great as home accessories. Picking up cool vintage pieces like this old Pepsi container act as fun little décor items to place around your home.



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