When choosing the flooring for you home, you want to be sure to pick the proper materials while still conveying stylish, timeless functionality. Using tiles in various rooms is great way to add pattern and texture to any room in your home. Tiles are primarily used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms because of the exposure to elements like WATER and SOAP SUDS and FOOD SCRAPS. But recently, we here at OE experimented with porcelain tile that looked like wood planks.[1] The great thing about choosing patterned tile is that you can play with the layout. For example, we order this great tile from Tabarka and created 4 different patterns with the same tile.







But this Sitio flooring popped up in one of the recent Elle Decors and we love the way they mix the various design as well as using the same pattern to create a large scale effect. The Bauhaus flooring was in the same article and I love the idea of wood squares with the black painted lines to create a unique design.


cool slash Sitio red slash


grey sitio


bauhaus parquet floors



But just seeing the tiles themselves doesn’t give you the full effect.





I like it

oh yeah



[1] Heads up: not our favorite. While bringing the various shades of faux-wood in, one of them slipped from my arms and shattered on the concrete. However, these work great for beach houses because you can clean up things like sand and also the exposure to water doesn’t destroy the “wood.”


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