If It Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Fix It

Baroque was my specialité in college and I’m here to tell you that it’s over da top. In art history, baroque is the period after the Renaissance[1] where artists and architects and designers of all sort begin to go crazy. The papacy is all about the cash flow, Louis XIV starts his reign in the mid-17th century and every artist is trying to figure out what to do after the Reformation. Their answer? Swirls and gold and ornamentation and more is more, baby! Compared to the restrained and meticulous art of Baroque’s predecessor, the Renaissance, it’s a completely different style.



baroque frame

Anyway, I think implementing some of the fun and crazy Baroque curves and swirls in your modern home is one way to recall the past and bring it into the present. Last year’s fall runways saw a lot of the Modern Baroque styles that we know and love: the gold chain dresses, jumbo swirl prints, gold, jacquard. Of course, updating the 17th century style is what it’s all about. Rather than having a swirly gold bed, make it a shiny black to add some edge. Check out my favorite modern baroque interiors below.

moern bq
kind of interesting
over da top
mod br

[1] Therefore all the ancient stuff has been discovered (well not all) and classic techniques have been combined with new methods to create a distinct type of art. You get it.


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