Kelly Behun and Complex Qs

Kelly Behun’s interiors recently jumped out at me for their incorporation of interesting art pieces, her draw towards white and minimalism. But upon doing further research on this interior designer, it seems that her path has been an interesting one: graduating with a degree in economics, Behun detoured into the world of fashion only to realize later on that interior design was her “calling.”[1] Recently her work has been installed at a NY gallery which begs the question: is interior design art? On some level, I think we can say yes- any type of design relies heavily on color, shape, line, texture; essentially the elements of art. And individual pieces of furniture surely have artistry, but can we say that the pieces themselves are works of art? The answer, of course, is subjective. Depending on how one views art, the response will be different for all. Art seems to be a case of luxury item, a non-necessity, something you do not need to survive but which enhances your life if you do have ir, or in the fabulous words of Voltaire, “the superfluous, the very necessary things.”[2] So by that account, furniture is art. Art is also meant to give provide aesthetic pleasure: for some this is beauty, for others its intellect thus in this case again we can see interior design or more specifically, individual furniture pieces, as art themselves or as art historians like to call it “art for art’s sake.” We consider sculpture an art, so what is the difference between Michelangelo’s David and the Barcelona Chair? Both are iconic masterpieces in their own right. But for some reason, I don’t seem to feel the same pull towards furniture or interior design as I do when I see the work of a genius like Michelangelo or Durer. But perhaps Kelly Behun will begin to link the two more concretely for me.

Whether she is exhibiting in a gallery or installing in a home, Behun’s work is quite nice. Like I said, white and minimalism seem to be close to her heart, but she uses various shapes, layouts and textures to fine tune her work. She did Ivanka Trump’s sky-high home above the city and did quite an amazing job. Take  a look at her work and try to decide whether you think individual pieces or the complete vision is a work of art. If not, why?

sweet dining


luv it


so badass

ivanka trump







[1] Her words, not mine.

[2] Think I’ve quoted that on this blog before. From his poem, ‘Le Mondain’


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