Livening Up with Lucite

While wood, fabric and metal dominate the furniture scene, one unlikely material has skyrocketed past the others to win the blue ribbon of my heart. Lucite. This weird manmade plastic glass clear compound serves as the perfect way to throw in an unexpected material in a room made up of the traditional substances.[1] Adding a Lucite piece of furniture adds a bit of whimsy to any room: you can see through it but its also a but blurry. It’s fun and for some reason it reminds me a bit of childhood. When used correctly though there’s nothing childish about it. It tends to take  on rather modern shapes because of its materiality but when accented with tufting (as you’ll see in a bench below), it still works in more traditional or transitional spaces.[2]






mat mis




[1] Sorry, I know: bad use of thesaurus but I really could not say ‘material’ one more time.

[2] Please note: mixing styles is a smart way to keep rooms unique. You do not HAVE to keep contemporary with contemporary. Lucite is a great bridge for style mixing.


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