Office Space

What’s the best way for you to work? When I was in college, I did not have space for a desk in my apartment so when it was time for finals and term papers, I collected my books and notes, grabbed my laptop and tossed[1] everything on my bed working from sunup to sundown. It probably was not the most conducive to a scholastic environment, but I got the job done. As a semi-adult in a world where I should be doing work at home[2] I find myself needing a space where I can focus and get the job done, and it doesn’t involve piles of books and loose papers thrown and scattered across my mattress. I’ve realized it’s not only important to have an isolated spot whose sole purpose is focus, but the space should also serve as inspiration for you work.[3] For me, books and a salon wall would function ideally for a study. Light[4] also makes a huge difference in your home office: allowing the natural light to shine through windows and skylights reduces the need for electricity and also allows you to sort of peek out at the world beyond, take a deep breath and refocus. And guys, I’m sorry but there is just something about natural light that feels better and well… more natural! But the best thing about having an office is that it’s your space where you get to design it to your personal taste and what works best for you. A few of my favorite images of home office spaces are exhibited below.

so gr8
pop of color
so creative

[1] Perhaps this is how my MacBook got destroyed. Literally the top half became so unhinged from the bottom half that the screen wires disconnected. The bottom works but you can’t see it on the laptop screen. Last weekend I mentioned something about my Apple laptop to my boyfriend and his response was “I don’t think that qualifies as a laptop anymore.”

[2] Like writing my memoirs.

[3] It is perhaps more relevant  for someone working on their memoirs to have an inspiring space than say for accountants, but hey who knows?

[4] We’ve discussed the importance of natural light prior in corporate office space.


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