Molto Misto

Homes that are in completely one style can be beautiful, elegant, chic and unified. But they can also be predictable and humdrum. What makes interiors interesting is a splash of something different, something unique that alters the way a space is viewed, something that breaks up the similarities of one room and many rooms. Mixing it up is one easy way to succeed at this.

There are a few things I mean when I say mix it up. Style mixing, in terms of furniture, means using different pieces from different eras to create a dynamic, interesting and distinctive room: you have to keep it to a certain limit though, too many pieces from too many different eras causes confusion and disarray and does not end up looking like a cohesive space. Tossing in one or two pieces that both complete a room and also spice it up is how you create a consistent atmosphere. My favorite interiors tend towards various styles in a single setting. Jenna Lyons’ dining room is a perfect example. The rustic wood table with the Bertoia wire chairs does not match, but the contrast of materials and form create a cool modern look. In addition to the Bertoia chairs she has some simple square backed Louis chairs that align more with the table but also add energy and variance in the room. The chandelier is a modern take on a classic fixture and adds light and geometry that counterbalances the wire chair. Contrasting materials like lucite and fabric, metal and wood, plastic and velvet are all ways to create dynamism in the furniture you are implementing.

lyons den 2Jenna Lyons’ dining room

Another mode of mixing are patterns and textures. Texture in a room can be a showpiece on its own. An exposed brick wall is everything. Opposing the brick with a soft, fluffy sofa or a furry rug makes for a room full of feeling.[1] I have seen vinyl wall coverings that add layers to rooms that can elevate a simple living space. Additionally juxtaposing patterns makes a playful point but really any interior should focus on creating dynamic spaces with base forms including furniture and texture.

wow mix
uber mix
sotta mix
material mix
mod clas
I love the contract between the rounded shape of the settee and the geometric hard-lined print.
mucho mixo
I love the varying shapes in here. Classic 2 ways.

[1] Wink.


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