Beachy Bungalow

Alright, guys. It’s May 20th today and that means for most of us that summer is here. While the vast majority of us don’t get to say ‘woohoo, school’s out, time to do nothing or go to camp or swim in the lake every day’ or whatever, that doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy the beautiful sun on the weekends or relax during the 4th of July holiday. Designing your spot on the beach[1] should be just as relaxing as having a spot on the beach. My main advice for your shore shack: keep it light. Avoiding dense colors, heavy metals and dark leathers is the key to creating a relaxing home away from home. Though I love to embrace[2] color, whites, light greys, beiges are best for homes adjacent to sand and drenched in summer sun. Mimicking beachy motifs in house is always a nice touch: with hardwood that embraces the driftwood look or a seagrass rug, but please do not murder starfish for glass-case display on your coffee table. I think décor can take a back seat at your beach home: nothing should crowd your vision because this is a place to decompress and relax and not think and not worry about your son’s 11 year-old friend who cannot I repeat cannot keep still and he might-oh, wait he just did- break that fragile sculpture on the countertop. Even if that 11 year-old doesn’t exist, keep it simple. And please, if ever you have a home on the water, MAKE IT WINDOW FRIENDLY. What could be better than bathing in natural light?! And where could natural light be more prominent than the beach!? Trust  me on this.

Furniture, in my opinion, should be (once again) light and comfortable. Downy bedding, fluffy sofas, cool chairs are where it’s at. If you want to do an accent color, keep it airy like light blue which everyone and their mother tends to choose or go with something like a lavender bathroom that also smells like lavender. And leave it at that. Or do some orange pillows. Play around with what you want. If you can’t live without color[3] then find a place to put it where it doesn’t overpower and distract from the calming greige accents that you have made serious effort to employ in order to keep yourself calm. But this is your vacation spot[4], do with it what you will.



not beech but


ok 3

lighter still



ok 2


heavy yet





[1] For those who are fortunate enough to have a spot, For the rest of us, we can imagine and dream about somewhere/day over the rainbow.

[2] And encourage

[3] Which is most likely not that majority.

[4] Either in reality or in dreamality.


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