Let’s Get Stones: Agate

In the final installment of our rocky review, we will detour into the land of agate stone. The first time I heard of agate was in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet when Mercutio does this, like, wild soliloquy about the fairy queen Mab and how she’s “no bigger than an agate stone.”[1] Anyway, turns out Mab could have been pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty[2] big because some of these slices are large. Wall-sized even. Anyway, agate varies is color and is characterized mostly by beautiful linear patterns that layer almost topographically and a lot of times they look like tree rings because they extend in circular rhythms. The majority of the color that I have seen in agate is a either an oceanic blue or a deep honey amber.

agate bathroom

agate coaster


agate counter

agate chandelier

agate fireplace

agate table

agate wall

All the stones that we have looked at this week add a great sense of naturalism to any room and create an organic quality that man-made furniture sometimes can’t supply. They add striking color and texture and deviate from the right angles and flat walls that define so many homes. Check ‘em out.

[1] This is not snobbery. Every time there is a Shakespeare category on Jeopardy I fail miserably.

[2] Read in Larry David voice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_05qJTeNNI.


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