Let’s Get Stones: Amethyst

Next stop on our tour of the earth’s crust is amethyst! Amethyst is a violet hued variety of quartz whose name comes from the ancient Greek for “not intoxicated.”[1] It’s often used in jewelry but today boys and girls, we’re taking about using it at home.  Now, unlike agate,[2] I didn’t come across any full walls of amethyst and it seemed hard to find any furniture that used it in general. One reason for this may be that amethyst is hard to find in larger chunks[3]— but I don’t know, it didn’t say on Wikipedia. Another reason could be just plain and simple purple is a less popular color to use in home design. Either way, the photographs of the amethyst pieces I did find are, to quote Rachel Zoe, “Maj.” I’d like to firstly discuss the cocktail table whose base is a mined boulder of amethyst: is this not awesome?[4] I think the exterior was painted gold[5] and it is just an amazing piece. Natural elements in homes add an organic feeling to the rooms full of clean lines and constructed environment. Additionally, the purple is inside so there’s this wow effect that comes when you actually see beneath the glass that it’s just plain old rocks! Kidding, obv. The sink is a little too traditional shaped for my taste but the polished amethyst is stunning. What do you think of the amethyst as interior design?

amethyst table
amethyst sink
amethyst lamp
The amethyst lamp on the left between the Foo Dogs, it’s there.
amethyst embedded table
amethyst counter
amethyst chandlier
That chandelier is, like, beautiful and terrifying in a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ kind of way. It’s awe-some.


[1] Which is interesting because today I could really go for a margarita. But let me be honest with you: I could go for a margarita any day.

[2] Which you will be exposed to this Friday… stay tuned!

[3] Don’t quote me on this.

[4] An answer on Monday night’s Jeaopardy was “The word that Americans use to describe everything.” And of course “What is awesome?” was the reply. I like the word awesome here because it can mean ‘wow this is badass’ and also ‘this piece of rock is of awesome proportion.’ Ok I’m literally in awe of it.

[5]Thus UW colors—go dawgs.


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