Let’s Get Stones: Malachite

Previously on the blog, I have discussed the use of geodes for home accessorization. However, the use of stones at home can be used in more a more universal fashion that just a rock on a book.[1] In this three part series, I will bask in a beauty of smoothed stones, polished pebbles and rocky décor.

Since emerald was chosen as Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year, it has been popping up all over the place. This deep, bold hue works wonderfully in neutral environments (which many tend to prefer) and it also looks good monochromatically. What has been materializing on the pages of many magazines lately is malachite prints, inspired probably in part by the color of the year. Malachite is a mineral from the earth (usually a stalactite/stalagmite[2] cave-y type rock) that has beautiful green circular and round swirling patterns. Now, the rock itself it quite magnificent and is often used in jewelry. But to get a whole pattern on a wall seems easiest and least expensive, yet still fabulous[3] if you decide to you want a large portion of malachite in your home. The pattern itself seems organic yet extremely modern which allows for wonderful furniture pairings and interesting spatial dynamic. Also, malachite patterned fabric has made itself known to the world so chairs, curtains and sofas can be upholstered to match your wallpaper! Just kidding.


[1] Not to diminish the elegance of a piece of jade atop a Tom Ford collector book.

[2] Since I was a child I have always confused the two and not a single one of my elementary teachers taught me a clever rhyme or rule to separate the two.

[3] Please forgive my overuse of ‘fabulous.’ I am of the Sex and the City generation and everything in their life is fabulous, and they don’t hesitate to mention it. Especially Samantha. So now every time I write or say ‘fabulous’ I feel like a deep voiced career woman being dramatic and borderline cheesy. It feels very 2002. Anyway, please accept this apology.


One thought on “Let’s Get Stones: Malachite

  1. lol, own ‘fabulous’! Great photos! Malachite is a great multipurpose stone that when done right (As seen here :)), is exquisitely fabulous 😉
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry

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