Bold Blooms

While granny floral print can be super cheesy and old, the right floral textile can be an amazing component in a well-designed room. For just a touch of floral, textiles are probably your best bet: pillows can add just a touch of pattern or a fully upholstered chair or (gasp) sofa will do the trick as well! However, I tend to enjoy floral wallpaper. A full wall of flowers creates a base in color scheme and pattern throughout the entire room and the juxtaposition of solid furniture against a busier backdrop creates excitement and dynamism in a room. Adding another textile into the mix is also great for a lively interior composition. Now if you feel that you have the guts and eyeballs to handle a full room of the same print[1] then you may approach (slowly) Chloe Sevigny’s bedroom. It’s so much yet so badass, you have to be a bold, brave fashionista to exhibit your bedroom the way Chloe does.[2] But keeping it simple and adding a bit of blossom here and there seems the more approachable and perhaps more elegant way to do it.

jonathan adler

viceroy ps







go dawgs


dream come true

These are real flowers and a real wall of hedges. Hey, a girl can dream about her backyard and porch, can she not?

itys a lot


chloe sevigny

Victory for Chloe Sevigny!

[1] A la Kim Kardashian Met Gala.

[2] How can you rest your eyes with so much bloody pattern!?


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