There’s Something About Palm Springs… The Final Installment


The last hotel we will be visiting on this tour of Palm Springs hospitality will be The Parker. This hot spot was designed by none other than the young and hip Jonathan Adler. The interior of this hotel feels youthful, comfortable and chic at the same time by using color, rich materials in funky shapes and interesting décor items to elevate the style. In some ways, the environment of the hotel feels rustic but then you walk outside and the whole feeling has changed from interior lodge to exterior resort. The playful mix of textiles and textures creates a sensual[1] architecture of décor. I love that this hotel is really accentuated by accessories. So many hotels through small pieces to the side because they are ‘unnecessary’ but really these little collectible objects create add to the individuality and especially the personality of a locale. And like AT&T advertises, more is better.


And with that, we must bid adieu to Palm Springs. Until a new hotel emerges for me to cover or at least until I’m nostalgic enough to revisit something for a post.

Le Parker Meridien

parker outside

parker cool

funky parker

parker glam

parker eclectic

Le Parker Meridien

parker restaurant

interior parker

parker knight

parker bar

parker drugs


[1] Pertaining to the senses—sight and touch primarily. I don’t mean this in a sexual way, peeps.



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