There’s Something About Palm Springs… A Three Part Series.

I know I have talked about the Viceroy and Ace Hotels on this blog before but there’s really just something about the hotels of Palm Springs![1] Is it the desert atmosphere[2] that makes the warm evenings feel magical? Is it the feeling of calm that takes over my person when the plane touches the hot tarmac of the PSP? Or perhaps it’s just that it’s a resort town. Either way, it’s home to some amazing hotels upon which I must embellish.

First up[3] we shall begin with The Saguaro (pronounced sah-wah-row). Condé Nast Travel recently named this one of 2013’s 150 Hottest Hotels in the world! This hotel was picked up and nourished by the folks who also run the Ace Hotel and Rudy’s. This hot spot is bright colored. And I ain’t exaggeratin’: the color palette is based on the dazzling hues of 14 different desert wild flowers. The architecture looks like an old motel that they’ve upgraded. Around the pool you can see the various 14 colors in rainbow order. The interiors keep the brightness going with striped sheets, orange walls, a floral mural at the front desk and pink fireplaces. Obviously these colors are loud but they work so well in this environment. I think choosing colors that not only exist in nature, but exist within the nature of the topography the hotel is located was genius. And fun! You don’t get to see design like this every day[4] and I love that it embraces the vintage Palm Springs by using the colors and exploiting them.

saguaro flowers

saguaro fire

Saguaro PS

Saguaro pool

Saguaro interior

saguaro room

saguaro front desk

saguaro cool outdoors

saguaro outside


The restaurant keeps the tone a bit cooler though. There’s a tequila bar, El Jefe, that is inspired by the (also bright) flavors of Mexico and culinarily curated by Iron Chef, Jose Garces. The décor here separates from the neons and embraces the rustic with iron stools, reclaimed wood and high top wood tables. The second restaurant, Tinto is a bit more upscale and trades in the bright colors for interesting geometry and texture.

saguaro tequila

saguaro tinto 2

saguaro tinto 3

saguaro tinto

This place seems like the hot spot it’s made out to be. When I asked my dad to visit for me, he did[5] and said it was a great space and a cool spot. It’s on my list of to-dos next time I’m in Palm Springs.


[1] And let me clarify: this special thing is NOT, I repeat NOT Coachella. Although it did happen and everyone is online blogging, tweeting, instagramming, and facebooking about it. Or perhaps it’s the fact that my father is there currently.

[2] Mountains and all…

[3] I will not include Ace or Viceroy since I have already discussed them prior.

[4] Especially not since the ‘60s.

[5] But with his 3 year old son, so no tequila shots and wild stories that I had hoped for.


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