Emphasis on Architecture

Architecture acts as a huge inspiration for me. I’m particularly drawn to colossal works that dominate skylines[1] that demand attention at the ground level with tiny details you can see close up, but which also include layers and levels that draw your eye. Gothic cathedrals and ancient Roman designs really get me going, but modern architecture with its curves and glass has also proved to be a force that draws me.

I recently began checking out buildings designed by Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi-born London-based female architect whose designs are uber futuristic. The stretched curves and pulled angles are so bizarre and Surreal seeming almost to be influenced by Dali’s melting clocks. Obviously the shapes speak for themselves but the use of materials adds to this “Jetsons” sensibility. Her designs are quite large but don’t stretch to be too tall, and remain rather flat and close to the ground which I love.[2] Her exteriors seem to be based in patterns that either stay symmetrical or have been completely twisted to add depth and structure to each building. Hadid is a celebrated architect who has won many international awards and teaches throughout the world.




zaha and her building







[1] Yet I can’t say I’m a huge fan of skyscrapers, the large phalluses in the sky.

[2] Architecture in the skyline does not always require height, but rather shape and girth.


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