Curating Career

When Marnie of HBO’s Girls claimed this season (disgruntled after an unfortunate interview) that the position of curator no longer exists in the job world, I found myself completely disagreeing. Not only is this occupation still extremely present but I believe that curation itself is growing beyond the limited sphere of art, to which it is usually tied. And while you may need a PhD to curate the Phillips Collection at the Tampa Museum of Art, you don’t need one in order to thoughtfully catalog your collection of books. Though you may need some help.

Alison Powell, our resident book expert has carefully sifted through the myriad copies of classic literature to choose the editions that are beautiful and collectible: we have 6 different (exquisite) volumes of Pride and Prejudice alone! Not only is Alison well versed in book selection but she has extensive experience at Bowman Rare Books where original editions, signed copies and rare manuscripts are sold for some serious cash. And if ever you had a question about literature or what to collect, Alison can harness your  hankerings and help you find a path.

But curation is not solely about owning a singular copy, it’s about the presentation of a collection. That’s where our interior designer Mary Beth Courier comes in handy. It’s not simply about alphabetizing or color coordinating. Mary Beth can transform your boring bookshelf into a lovely library with a planned concept, a trained eye and a few décor items.

Together these two women offer their knowledge: book selection, custom design for library or study, furniture design for your bookshelf and collection services and expertise. By curating and designing your home, you’re creating a space informed by thought. So rebel against Marnie’s senseless verbiage and celebrate the career of curation!

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