Skimming Scalamandre

The iconic textile company, Scalamandre, deserves a little credit. Not that they don’t receive it—oh no- they have a reputation for excellence. They have to for crying out loud; they’ve been serving up upholstery fabrics and wall-coverings to pads like the White House, Monticello and the Metropolitan Opera for decades.[1]

Starting the business in 1923 with his wife Flora, Franco Scalamandre created classic textiles in an age of restoration. Many historical landmarks were in the business for a “remodel” as in let’s update these fabrics they look a bit shabby but we need the fabrics to look exactly the same. So that’s what Scalamandre did: they recreated beautiful silks, damasks, and even invented a few along the way. One in particular is sure to catch your eye. That’s  right the ‘frolicking zebra’ set against a deep red was created in 1945 and there you see Gwyneth Paltrow[2] in The Royal Tenenbaums[3] sitting in front of it.[4]

red again

Anyway, the company continues to create textiles for the White House- including the Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush (both) and Clinton reigns.

TJThe original toile used by Thomas Jefferson recreated by Scalamandre
yang tze
white house
china rose

[1] 8, to be specific.

[2] Puke.

[3] How did Wes Andersen let her into this film?

[4] Blocking the view if you ask me.


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