Wang Too Cool

Mary Beth and I are working on a restaurant right now and while I was scrounging the internet for interesting images via  Pinterest and Google, I stumbled upon quite a person. Her name: Joyce Wang, her work: so contemporary, so inventive and such a complete vision that I was stunned. The first image of her work I found was so bananas that I didn’t even know if it was physically a real space. But it is, and it’s called Ammo and it is located in Hong Kong.


Ammo 2


ammo 3

According to sources, the concept was based on Godard’s French New Wave sci-fi film, Alphaville.[1] You can tell there is definitely an air of “futurism” in the design, but it is still contemporary, stylish and relatable.

The most shocking thing about Joyce Wang is that, according to her website, she has been in the business for only three years. She has already won several major interior design awards and has her one (petite) line of furniture. The items she herself has designed have a fun mix of materials and play with interesting shapes and proportions. It seems to me that she’s drawn primarily to mixing metallic with flat neutrals creating quite a lively interaction! Anyway, look for yourself: you will see the massive talent. Visit her website for more images that I am unable to steal.




better roose



coffee table





[1] Which is perhaps one of the oddest movies I have ever seen—very 60’s futuristic. But Anna Karina’s coat in that movie is to die for.


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