An Ace Up Your Sleeve

The Ace Hotels interest me. This group of hipster-ish inns[1] has locations in Seattle, Portland,[2] Palm Springs,[3] LA and New York though it’s headquartered in Portland which makes way too much sense. And a quick peek at Wikipedia tells me that the episode of Portlandia with the music festival and they go to the hotel is a parody of the Ace Hotel in Portland.[4] Well let us analyze this trendy locale, shall we? Mary Beth was recently in NYC so she visited the Ace there, but the concept as a whole seems minimal and dormy with an air of too coolness. I can tell you right now that its location in Seattle is pretty prime: nestled in Belltown[5] it’s close to the Olympic Sculpture Park, Puget Sound but also in decent proximity to the Queen Anne nabe which is all at once young, family-oriented, bar-friendly, restaurant-exciting, expensive and hip. In fact I used to work at a gallery less than a block from this hotspot. While the indie kids seem to be the inspiration for these hotels, their target audience is probably not that group.[6] But these hotels do seem to encompass the “I knew about it before it was cool” agenda.

Ok, sorry the pictures of interiors. I think funky is the best word to use for these designs. They are cool in a way that you always want to be cool but don’t have a vision problem so you don’t need glasses and even if you did you could never pull them off the way those beanie-wearing, scruffy-faced, flannel-clad babes can. Anyway, I think the design speaks for itself especially having been prefaced by my explanation of hipster sensibility and atmosphere.

That eyeball. That is a bar called  Cyclops. I used to drive by it daily on my way to the gallery. Across the street is a bakery called Macrina. If ever you visit the city of the Space Needle, Macrina (3 locations) is worth your time.
ace (1)
I am so down with all these cats.

[1] If you will.

[2] AKA the motherland cities of the so-called hipster nation.

[3] Also in close proximity to the Coachella festival of Indio, CA: a Woodstock wannabe of preppy-attempting-hipster nation and also just smelly hippies/hipsters. A concert which demands pilgrimage to any and all trying to be hip.

[4] Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

[5] Which is north of downtown and has cool bars, restaurants and galleries…

[6] HOWEVER, I think of hipsters as bloggers, eating beans out of cans and devoting their life to music. There very well could be (and in fact I know plenty) rich hipsters. This is not meant to be stereotyping, don’t get mad.


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