Closet Space

You know that scene in Sex and the City the Movie where Sarica Jessica Parker is shown the dream closet by Mr. Big?[1] Well I think we all dream of closets. A walk in closet is a luxury that I really REALLY wish I had. Sigh. Someday.[2] Anyway, my personal opinion on walk in romantic, fantastical closets is as such: the walls, carpet, flooring and built-ins shall be of neutral tone and hue, such as, white, black, grey or beige such that the exquisite colors of each item of clothing may shine. Unless your wardrobe is all black or all neutrals, then by all means add a splash of pink. What I really like for walk in closets that have enough space, though, is 1) an ottoman and 2) closed storage. Nothing irks me more than something left hanging about so really having drawers and doors are quite necessary. Also, they tend to stage these things with a pair of shoes or a bag left out to show a brand[3] for a  little décor but I find it obnoxious and cluttersome. Yet a closet should be your idea of a fantasy so if you want your Louboutins hanging out as décor, you go for it.

closet 2
Ok, maybe I like a bit of color in a closet more than I thought.

[1] Judge me. Do it.

[2] Even though I say someday, it may never be someday. I may never have a lovely walk in closet with an ottoman. This is a truth I must face.

[3] AKA how much money they have.


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