Mean Green Enviro Machine

Since St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend, I thought what better a time than to emphasize green interiors? But haha, I’ve tricked you! I’m playing with the word green, so rather than show kelly or emerald green wallpapers and upholstery I think explaining some eco-friendly trends for your home would be both relevant and not repetitive.[1]

Probably the easiest thing to help your household go green is switching over to LED or CFL bulbs which are made with energy saving environmental techniques in mind. Initially the lights were slightly unattractive but over time have been designed to emit a lovelier light. That’s really where the ‘easy’ ends. Being green isn’t always the most simple of tasks but it really makes a difference.

When it comes to building your home from scratch, daylighting is a really great way to save on the use of electricity. I discussed daylighting in reference to using natural light in office interiors, but it also is uber important in your home. Daylighting is the way architects design natural light sources like windows and skylights to maximize the amount of light you get in your home. This eliminates those fussy electrical lights so that you can save on energy.

Other choices in designing your home is the use of materials. Using reclaimed wood from old barns or out-of-use factories saves other trees and adds a really cool rustic look to your home. So hot right now. Also, rather than adding another level of floor you could just keep the concrete. While this may be worrisome to you, polishing this material can look really cool when done correctly. I may not use concrete floors in my Marie Antoinette-inspired home, but who knows. It could work. Using sources like bamboo and cork which replenish really fast is another way to effectively cut down on excessive depletion of other trees and the like.

When you choose furniture, antiquing or consignment is a great way to go. This is just basic joy. You often save money by purchasing items that have been used and you can reupholster and repurpose the items in myriad ways. Also if you do decide to upholster, you can use green fabrics like organic cotton or eco fabrics. Kravet has a whole line of recycled fabrics that you can check out on their website.

I suppose I could end on one last easy way to be green: Composting! Creating your own compost pile in the yard starts the process of creating rich soil for you to use in the garden. Throw in leftover food, grass cuttings, leaves from the fall and boom, you’ve got your gardening tools!

compost bin
cork wal
kravet eco fab
kravet eco
more polsihed
polish concrete
reclaimed wood

[1] Seeing as emerald is the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year, and we have already done a post on said color, we didn’t want to bore all of you die-hard fans. Since there are so many of you out there.


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