Man Rooms and Lady Parlours: Part One of Two

When we think about general interiors, we tend to design them to be gender ambiguous. It’s important for any couples living together really that there is a balance of hard-lined masculine furniture and opulent, flirty interiors.[1] Any couple really should have a balance of these two extremes. However, sometimes an extra room calls out to us: make me a lady parlour OR make me a man cave. These severe opposites allow for a lot of fun because you can take design to an excessive place but also make it very cool and chic. For this two part-series I have collected various images of man caves and lady parlours, beginning with the feminine interiors first.[2]

We have seen some fem rooms before[3] but these were primarily pink/purple and while the following images may adopt similar color schemes, monotones or other options will be explored. Velvet is and floral patterns are great options for a super girly room, but be careful with florals because they can be overbearing and granny sometimes. Soft décor items are a great way to add texture and layers. Curved legs on sofas, settees and chairs are also great choices for feminine rooms because they have a luxuriously female sensibility about them and these curves mirror our own lovely lady lumps.




pink bone


blanche rose





lady parlor material

[1] This does not apply to roommates.

[2] Ladies first.

[3] See Valentine’s Day


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