Lean Towards Clean for Spring

While it has been springy weather down here in Florida for quite some time, other regions of the world are beginning to blossom into the season of twitterpating. Which means it’s time to freshen up aka time to spring clean. Besides cleaning the house in general[1] there are a few things I find absolutely necessary when trying to clean up for a springtime bloom. Now, I sort of think New Year’s resolutions should be practice for your springtime resolution. Everyone says ‘oh new years is starting over time, I can erase the past and try something new. It all starts here.’ Well in my humble opinion: no. January-February is still sort of holiday season, there are leftovers and Valentine’s Day and it’s still cold and you get distracted and taxes are happening and blech. It’s too busy of a time to try to completely change your life, there’s usually a clear attempt to get started but mid-March is the perfect time to pick it back up, when you feel a bit more settled in 2013. After all, spring really is the time for renewal!

So to start with your new season, get rid of stuff. Believe me, the less clutter you have, the better off you’ll be. A clean hoard-less house is a beautiful thing. Start by going through your closet and reduce the size of your mess by ridding yourself of that jacket that you know you’ll wear next fall even though you didn’t wear it last fall but it’s so cute. Just eliminate it.[2] Organizing your office, junk drawers and other “accumulated” areas is a nice start to removing clutter and adding space.


Secondly, open your curtains and let the natural light in. They’ve been closed all winter. Let the light shine through.

open the curtains

Also, get outside. Start re-establishing the clumps of dirt and grass that were your yard and garden. Think back to the ‘Secret Garden’ post. Imagine you’re Mary Lennox.

haha jk


Haha just kidding. This is Versailles

home garden

 Once your flowers begin to bloom, placing them in vases around the house adds a load of freshness. Or you could just pick some up at the grocery store or the nearest nursery. Whatever suits you.

flowers home





Lastly, after the long week/end of cleaning bake something so your home is filled with the lovely scent of baked goods. But don’t forget to do the dishes after. Or just make a cocktail to congratulate yourself. This is post-new years new years right?



[1] Dusting! Repainting! Washing!

[2] A fun way to do this is to try to sell your lightly used clothing and get money for it. Count it.


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