Fashion Translation

Well, Fashion Week is NYC has been over for a while now, but it’s no mystery that fashion and interiors tend to overlap in terms of trends. I thought perhaps we could attempt to translate a few of the season’s top styles into a more furniturial state. Let’s see…

First off, quilted miniskirts were big on the runway. I mean I love quilting[1]; it adds depth, texture, geometry. But it’s quite hard to find in terms of interiors. And why is it difficult to implement in furniture? There’s tufting, that’s a whole lot of fabric manipulation and look in itself but quilting seems a bit softer and less aggressive. Shall we make a pact to make it popular? Deal. Mary Beth found an amazing fabric a couple weeks ago that is turquoise/peacock blue with diamond quilting that I personally think it just lovely.


Quilt Lamp

Quilted Sofa

Quitled walls

Quilted Instagram

Another trend was plaid pants. This is an odd one for me. Plaid pants are so cool on one level and so gramps on another. But the gramps aspect also sort of makes it cool[2] but it has history in snobbery and punk. But in interiors, plaid tends to come off as ‘den’ or ‘little boy’s room’ or ‘lodge.’ We also don’t want it to come off as Home Alone house either. Remember that disaster?[3] I think limiting the amount of plaid is key.




plaid bathroom



Plaid Dresser

Plaid Room

A little bit of plaid goes a long way, but a lotta bit of plaid goes an even longer way and makes QUITE the statement. Sorry this image was just to amazing to pass up.


This room is boring as hell but please note the word works plaid wall.

Lastly, we saw a lot of black and white on the runway this season. And you all know how much I ADORE color and pops of color but really, what’s more chic than black and white. It never goes out of style, my friends. Sorry, please keep using fuchsia but do remember the above.


[1] And please god, not the multi-colored, paisley patterned crapola that your great-great-grandmuter made as a pioneer.

[2] See Macklemore.

[3] See our very first ever blog post.


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