The Road Less Traveled: Unconventional Materials

My first question is: what are your feelings on mesh? This week, Mary Beth and I have filled the office with leather, felt and more—including mesh. While for some reasons, these materials may be the norm, we were considering them in different ways. For example, leather flooring or walls or ceilings! At OE, our phone booths are padded with a dark beige leather which helps to minimize sounds effects but also looks really badass. But leather floors, what a dream!

leather wall panel

Those white walls? Yeah, that’s leather paneling.

leather walls

Leather Floor

You want a leather floor? Done and done



Croc Floor

We are also working on a project and MB picked up some lovely felt! And wow, it is cool. The colors are amazingly vivid and the texture for walls or floors could be striking and also feel quite nice on your footsies. But it’s different: you get used to seeing certain things and you enjoy it because it’s familiar but being unique and making unique and inimitable choices is a key for any creative sphere. Try something new![1]

Lazer Cut Felt Floor

This, my friends, is a laser-cut felt runner. DING!

Felt Wall 2

Communispace, Boston, MA

Felt Wall

Also, mesh. We are working on a playroom for kids and the mesh appeared in MB’s goody bag from the fabric store today. HELLO! Talk about innovation- a kid’s plush like poof stool? Sign me up. Well, ok let’s see how it looks first and then sign me up.



Some mesh options above. Imagine your basketball shorts upholstered onto a chair. Talk about victory.

The last sort of “unconventional” material is rather conventional for countertops in the kitchen or bathroom and elegant floors in large cathedrals but we thought marble and granite walls would be a really cool idea. Especially where you’re somewhere warm, those rocks just keep you cool! Oh and by the way, they’re beautiful. When you get a slab that has the right pattern, it’s pretty magical. See below.


granite wall

i die

See what  I mean? Home run.

blue marble

Ignore the lamp. Focus on the walls.

marble walls

marble bathroom

[1] Just make sure your client is ok with it.


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