Visiting The Viceroy

When you think about matching a design or style to architecture or location, you’re thinking associations, memories, and feelings. When I contemplate the many vacations I’ve had in Palm Springs[1] I remember the bright colors, the sun, the relaxation, the pool, the heat. I’m originally from Seattle so descending from a Seattle-based plane into a Palm Springs airport is like landing in a warm paradise of sheer delight.  There really is no better example[2] of linking environment to design than the Palm Springs Viceroy designed by Kelly Wearstler. The interior is basked in white and yellow walls and furniture: it feels so calming[3] and toned down but still has that quirky KW signature. I can feel vacation just by looking at the open door with the bamboo-ish chair. The pool also seems like heaven… I would love to sit there and just bake in the sun—but then I would get more wrinkles than I already have and life is already complicated enough without adding sun-based wrinkles to my folded forehead. This is the kind of hotel that you would just hope and pray that no one from Coachella would invade while you’re on vacation there.[4] Anyway, it’s the end of February everyone is getting anxious about taking a vacay so I thought I’d let you relish these photos of a dream hotel for design and departure from the world.





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[1] Not to sound snobby but this is literally the only location I visited as a child.

[2] That I can currently think of…

[3] Which is not easy for KW to do… usually her interiors are an amazing amalgamation of furniture and art and tables and walls and floors and wow.

[4] Literally: hope and pray,


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