Cool it on the Restoration.

Ok I will just admit how sick I am of the Restoration Hardware/industrial/lodgy chic look. I’ve seen it, I’m over it. But I’m also a little homesick: and that means I miss a little of that Seattle lush forestry. Or at the very least the idea if cedar and evergreens. Anyway, I’m feeling some of the natural wooden accents at the moment BUT ONLY A FEW. Not all together with a vintage French locker, please. And also, not the nest from Portlandia: just because I’m homesick for the PNW does not mean I can take on Portland weirdness with an in-house nest at the workplace.

Portlandia Nest

I think the key with these kinds of natural accents is so mix them with modern elements. For example, the bistro table with the tree roots has the tall Ghost Louis bar stools next to it rather than vintage-y near destroyed but new and overpriced Louis bar stools. Come on, let’s show some originality shall we? Or perhaps some faux bois like the Oly Studio side table that is basically a fake stump. Count it! All of the wood amassed with neutral linens is so boring. Make it new and unique, and for pete’s sake throw in a color! Play with contrasting materials and textures. Just don’t do it all in Restoration Hardware. I can take the greige no longer. This is beginning to sound more like a rant than a friendly and helpful blog post. But really, embrace the naturals without moving into Snow White’s cottage.




How about a nice seagrass rug? Natural fibers!

Wood Mirrors

Twig Chandelier

Yeah this is a little rustic for me/exactly what I’m talking about with the overkill. But throw that twig chandelier in a nice transitional room and hey I think I could like it.



Again, a little much. And again, grab the light fixture and move it to a different room and we have a winner!


See the balance here? It’s just lovely.


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