A Mixture of Fixtures

Lighting your home is one of the most important aspects in creating your home. After all, ‘Let there be light’ is one of the first lines of Genesis, no? It must be pretty essential! Rather than discuss lamps-because lamps pretty much deserve their own post[1]– I figured this would solely be a discussion on hanging light fixtures, with perhaps some commentary on sconces thrown into the mix.

Every person likes different types/amounts of light.[2] While I am a proponent of natural light, the sun can only keep our homes lit up for so long.[3] Usually, homes have lighting plans built in so that you have the basics but to give it that special boost of interior bravura, hanging fixtures are where it’s at. Different levels of light complement your mood, an event or the weather outside.[4] Having the ability to turn off the bright built in lights for a bit of chandelier luminescence can change a scene completely. Oh and also, you could always light a candle.[5] Dimmer’s can also be your best friend if you feel like setting the mood.

There is lots of praise to be given in terms of light fixtures: namely, the ability to mix styles a bit more abstractly than you can with furnishings and the sculpture of hanging lights.[6] If you live in a room that’s heavy handed with style, adding a simple fixture with clean lines keeps it fresh and keeps the room down to earth while a gaudy flashy fixture can up the pizzazz of any simple room. Choosing a fixture that complements the style of your room is smart, and this can mean venturing a bit out of the “style” of room. Yet beware! Do not reach too far off task otherwise your home can look a little wonky.

Remember, they don’t call it “mood lighting” for nothing.

Hanging Chandelier



cage fixture


I love the above image: taking a classic candleabra-esque chandelier and caging it makes it cool and modern, yet it fits quite nicely in this simple sort of rustic chic dining room.

antler chandler


Um, yeah I’m obsessed with this palm/antler/candleabra fixture. Especially the white against that bright wall!


Emily Wren Photography

Gold Chandelier


[1] One of these days…

[2] Hence  the “brightness” adjustment on our iPhones.

[3] If you’re in Alaska, it could be months will light and months with dark so you get the wonderful extremes you lucky dawgs.

[4] Which could very possibly be frightful.

[5] Oh no, I’ll never stop mentioning candles!

[6] There’s lots of design behind these hanging lights. You can go simple or complex and still be dazzlingly chic.



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