Hell Hath No Wrath Like an Unused Bath

Ladies and gentleman, I have to tell you that there is nothing is this world that is more satisfying than a bathtub. As a child, it is a playground for rainy days. As an adult, it is what gets me through. I’ve recently just moved from one shabby apartment with an amazing tub to an amazing apartment with a shabby tub, and let me tell you LIFE IS NOT THE SAME. With no calming system in place, my stress levels have skyrocketed. Just kidding, but really it’s truly a tragedy to go from a lovely tub to a depressing one, but hey, can’t have it all,[1] can we? What’s more fabulous than a singularly wunderbar[2] bathtub is a bathroom that suites your style: if I had unlimited funds/space to design my own bathroom, you better believe it’s going to be beautiful, opulent, luxurious and calming. While for me a bathtub is a must, I feel that many people prefer a shower.[3] These buffoons tell me that they don’t like to sit in dirty water when they are attempting to clean themselves, but what do they know anyway? Bathrooms are great rooms to experiment with because they have a lot of aspects in which “living rooms”[4]  do not partake. For example, the sink: you will see below the faucet of a sink that is made of swans. Swans, people! Very odd but also very cool. Because bathrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms in the house, you can use things like wall paper or bright paint colors without having to see it a) all the time and b) too much of it. I’ve swiped some images from Pinterest of some bathrooms I’d like to tub, or get this, shower in. Enjoy!

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Morrocan Bathroom

Silver Bathroom

Tile Bathroom

Plain Bathroom

Pond Tub

The Shower

Eclectic Bathroom

Brick Bathroom

[1] PS sorry that sentence was so comma-heavy. I overuse commas but I just can’t help it.

[2] Wonderful.

[3] To me, this is sacrilege. How does one relax in the shower? How can one relax while standing? Feh!

[4] Bed, den and beyond.


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