Ceilings Have Feelings Too

Ceilings are often forgotten in the process of home design; they are left to hover plainly above our heads as we laugh and giggle and change the channel. But ceilings, when given the attention, have the capacity to give a room a whole new appearance and really have a tendency to be realization of the “full effect.” Ornate moudling can add pizzazz to a room you would prefer to be left otherwise neutral, plain or minimal. Wall-papered ceilings can be a great way to keep the walls a solid color and add some texture or pattern where it does not necessarily overwhelm the eyes.[1] There are tons of ways to experiment with your ceiling depending upon budget and taste. Remember your ceilings are part of your home too and no one, I mean no one, likes to be left out.

honeycomb ceiling parlor steakhouse in NYC patricia gray interiors

[1] You could even bravely do the walls and ceiling in the same wallpaper: bold, ballsy and boss.


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