The Secret of Gardens

Let me take you on a journey: it’s a lovely sunny day and your house is feeling claustrophobic and stuffy. You look longingly out the window into your yard that has become a jungle since the cold spell hit and, sorrowfully, you weep for its disrepair. Thus, off your butt you fly, out to the greenery where your lungs taste their first flavor of fresh air of the season. Is that enough description? We’re going outside to garden today.

Now, of course flowers make for a beautiful, colorful garden that you can pluck and freshen up your home.[1] But for now, we’re talking veggies and being green. Vegetable gardens are great little resources right your backyard![2] Picking a location where the little sprouts can get some sun is definitely recommended for your garden and making sure you know each veggie’s light prerequisites before you plant is a bonus. Keeping each vegetable confined to its own space keeps your garden clean and organized; some good ones to start with are beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and herbs like rosemary, basil, parsley, and cilantro.  Keeping everything quarantined is easy to do when you grow in boxes and planters.

If your space is lacking in square footage outside, then consider moving you garden to the roof, this is called a green or living roof. This takes a little extra planning but is a great space conserver, energy conserver, and has great Green effects for the environment. But seriously, plan accordingly: you do not want your roof to cave in and we do not want to take the blame. Even vertical gardens/living walls can be a great tool if you need to keep it inside.

Add little decorations to your garden to keep it sweet and lovely: garden paths can be fun to play around with, tool sheds, gates and labeling planters can make it personal and fun. Remember to think “Secret Garden” here.












[1] Don’t we all have that ‘Secret Garden’ dream where we’re Mary and we’re all “Blue flowers, pink flowers, purple flowers, yellow flowers, cornflowers, foxgloves, any kind we want!”

[2] Pun intended.


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